The Days of our {deployed geek} Lives

It's rough being a geek in Iraq. Seriously, limited amounts of tech toys can be brought on such a journey. Obviously desktop systems are not the norm, nor would I drag my precious Olga to this sandy hot climate that would most likely harm her delicate insides. No, rather than my sleek black beauty I brought along some other staples...


Flashing OpenWRT to the NSLU2 (Teh Slug)


Need a small, silent Linux server that sips power? A friend of mine gave me a Linksys NSLU2, which was designed to be a simple NAS. They run Linux out of the box, and can be flashed with customized distributions. NSLU2-Linux is the home of everything, uh, NSLU2 Linux. I chose OpenWRT for mine, because it seemed simple and popular. More on flashing the Slug (Eww!) after the break!