Prolific Password Management

Passwords are probably the most annoying things that people have to deal with other than constant registration requests from every site we visit, which in turn breeds more passwords. A vicious cycle that leads to password reuse, and poor password policy.

I am both a geek and a sysadmin, therefor I know how important passwords are and how dumb password reuse is. To be honest though, I've been known to reuse weak passwords for logins I don't care about, that have nothing to do with my important information. Most trivial forums I do this with - because I don't care if my account there gets hacked, its not related to anything important. Sorry Ubuntu and RoosterTeeth forums if I randomly start posting ads for prada handbags.

I (foolishly) decided to try using the "Lastpass" password manager plugin for Firefox and Chrome (and I.E now I think) to manage my passwords. The interface is smooth, password generation easy. Lastpass even syncs the passwords via the ......Uh, "Cloud" so all my OS's and web browsers would be the same. This is about the point I should have /facepalm'd. But I didn't.