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Remote VNC Access

VNC Access to Raspberry Pi


There's nothing quite like being 500 miles from home and having the ability to control your home computer with your cell phone. In the past, I have used PocketCloud in conjunction with the built in RDP server to access my Windows 7 computer.  It was pretty handy for managing my media library from work or my laptop.

I ran into a problem, though, once I completely moved my home computers to Linux: the best RDP server solution for Linux (xRDP) just didn't cut it. It was nowhere near as seamless as the built in utilities for Windows, and I don't like fiddling past initial setup.

I decided my Raspberry Pi would make a great remote access point. No sensitive information, very low power draw for 24/7 uptime, and I can tuck it in next to my router so I never have to see it.

Join me after the break for a quick and easy tutorial for enabling remote access to your own Linux machine! We'll be using TightVNC Server for Linux, a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian, and your choice of a VNC client.


Custom Launchers in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

I know that I'm straying into Lifehacker territory here, but this is a tip I couldn't help but share. I've always wanted to create customer launchers for the Unity dock, and I've finally found how. I'm going to apply this to Minecraft, but you can use to create an icon for just about any program or command that you might need to run in Ubuntu. Read on for instructions...


Cricket Wireless | Worst Value in Customer Service

"Welcome to Cricket, the best value in wireless, how may I help you today?"

"Yes, my name is Isaiah Roberts and I'm having troubles with text messaging"

"I'd be more than happy to assist you today, and I apologize for your service issues"

So far so good. Of course, by this time(7th call?) I'm unable to get through to an agent when using my Cricket phone, but if I dial through Google Voice and use my sister's number, I get right in. Hm. First bad sign.


Why Testdisk and Recuva are Awesome and I am an Idiot

Well hello there, how did the tubes treat you on your trip to this sad tale? Good? Excellent, now I must begin.

Like any good geek story, this one starts out with a command line and a slight overdose of mountain dew. I, being a generic geek have a large external hard disk with all my geeky treasures on it.  Folders filled with .iso's, install files for most of my common used programs and a batch file to install them, large amounts of tech manuals and awesome background pictures featuring both penguins and lolcats (not really, I swear).

I had recently decided to reconfigure my thinclient with an external hard disk rather than the 8gb thumb drive I had been using. Easy task, I just need to burn the latest arch netinstall .iso to my thumbdrive. Quickest route != unetbootin, but rather dd, which I love. Mostly. Plugged in the hard disk and thumb drive, navigated to /media/Teh Disk/iso/linux/ and then:

time sudo dd if=arch_2010_04_x64.iso of=/dev/sdc

and I walked away to use the restroom (Remember, mountain dew overdose, it happens).

By the time I came back dd had finished, informing me that the iso had been burned as it were. Thumb drive transferred to the thinclient and hit the power button.

Error "operating system not found"