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About Hacked Potatoes «

About Hacked Potatoes


Hello stumber of packets, welcome to our site! We are a small group of geeks from Idaho who enjoy hardware and software projects. We started Hacked Potatoes because we needed a journal to document projects, and we realized that our notes might be useful to other geeks on the intertubes.


I am Badger32d, one of this site's authors. I've been using *nix off and on for around 12 years. I started with a slax livecd and have since hopped from distro to distro learning what makes them tick, tweaking them to the point of kernel panics and more. I enjoy Debian based distros for ease of use and range of packages available, Gentoo has the hardcore geek side of me covered, Arch has a special place in my heart and of course, how could I forget openSUSE and Red Hat? I've also dabbled in hpUX and Solaris.

Twitter: @badger32d
Email: solomon@hackedpotatoes.com


I'm Joel, another one of the authors at Hacked Potatoes. I am on the board of directors at our community hackerspace, Open Lab Idaho, as secretary. I'm an all-purpose geek who loves Linux, Android, 3d printing, electronics, sportbikes, and most of all, Wi-Fi (and everything that goes with it). I have a 2009 Suzuki SV650S that I plan on keeping for a very long time.

Twitter: @FuelCell250
Email: joel@hackedpotatoes.com


I'm Jesse, an author here at Hacked Potatoes. I've been a computer nerd ever since I got tired of using Windows on the family laptop and learned to install and use Linux from a 4GB flash drive. Ever since then I've played with OSes to numerous to count, learned computer hardware and software and enjoyed setting up complex systems for the fun and knowledge of it.  My current interests include HTPCs, 3D printing and CNC mills, Android, tinkering, and of course telling people how to fix Outlook at work.

Twitter: @dreadpirate15
Email: jesse@hackedpotatoes.com