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Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean on HTC Nexus One «

Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean on HTC Nexus One

The HTC Nexus One is likely the most iconic Android device to date. None of the other Android devices I've used have ever quite felt as good in the hand or looked as good.So it's a shame the onboard ROM is too small to support anything above Gingerbread (2.3). Or, is it? Officially, the system partition is too small, the GPU isn't up to the task of pushing Jelly Bean, etc. But the Nexus S pushes it just fine, and it's essentially the same hardware (granted, a few changes, but the same processing power).

As luck would have it, the awesome devs over at XDA developers have worked out a way to repartition the onboard ROM to allow Android 4.0 and above to be installed.

Join me after the jump for a walkthrough of the installation!

For full information and download links, check out the forums:

The first page contains pretty basic instructions on installing the ROM once your Nexus One is prepared; I'll include my own instructions for clarity. The second link tells how to install blackrose.

Alright, you've browsed the forums and are ready to get your Nexus upgraded.

First, download blackrose_120421.zip (latest version as of this writing) and unzip it. Right-click and run-as administrator (Windows) or follow the instructions for your chosen OS.

Make sure you have debugging enabled on your Nexus, connect it to your machine and run Blackrose. I had to run it twice to get Blackrose installed. It takes a couple minutes to complete, at which time you should be booted to your fastboot screen.

Now ensure that you're in the bootloader; if your phone isn't simply issue this command:

adb reboot bootloader

Fastboot screen

Flash your chosen HBOOT - I chose System: 260 Cache: 8 Userdata: 168.

fastboot flash hboot hboot_jellybean_260-8-168.nb0

fastboot reboot-bootloader

We'll need to erase all data from the device:

fastboot erase system

fastboot erase boot

fastboot erase userdata

fastboot erase cache

And finally install our chosen recovery. Download Clockwork (there may be a more up to date version, this one worked for me) and flash using fastboot:

fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-

Installing ROM

Download your chosen ROM - I'm using Evervolv 3.1.0p1. Boot to recovery and push the ROM zip over to your microSD card:

adb push Evervolv-perdo-3.1.0p1-passion.zip /sdcard/

Choose install zip in recovery, choose the ROM and install! You may also want to download and install GApps.

adb push gapps-ev-jb-20120816.zip /sdcard/

Again, use recovery to flash the gapps zip, reboot and you should have a fully functioning Nexus One running Jelly Bean.





Jelly Bean running on Nexus One

  • http://www.facebook.com/billgerrard Bill Gerrard

    Thanks for providing this tutorial. I am now running Evervolv Jellybean on my Nexus One. Now I have something to play with while I wait (and hope) for a 32GB Nexus 4. (I’m running the Nexus One with a 32GB microSD card)

    One item I got stuck on and it took a bit of searching to solve. I’m running Linux and could not get BlackRose to install. After all of my searching, I discovered I need to run BlackRose as root (with sudo). Hopefully this bit of information will help someone out in the future.

    • Aswin22338

      there is a problem with camera…… screen gets dazzled…..due to memory problems

  • Sh

    how long it takes for fastboot flash hboot hboot_jellybean_260-8-168.nb0?
    im stuck at this level!
    plz help

    • Badger32d

      Should only take a few seconds, I would ensure you can see the device via adb devices. If you can, try to run a dB reboot fast boot and reflash.

      • Sh

        when my phone is one(not in bootloader) i see devices
        but in bootloader no

        • Saurabh Arora

          Keep your deveice “ON”, open blackrose it will detect device. The device will automatically boot in recovery mode in the process mentioned below.
          Choose the option to apply stock/custom hboot(usually option no. 1) . Then from next menu, choose custom hboot (its usually option no.2). Then when prompted to resize, type “resize” without quotes and press enter. It will ask for partition sizes. First type 260, press enter. Then type 8 press enter. Then type any name press enter. Your device now has custom hboot, wait till blackrose exits itself.

          • dilli

            hey after blackrose my device only X symble stuck … how to solve?

    • Aswin22338

      hey download blackrose and install it.
      after that open the file **again**.it asks provides four options
      1)firstly enter 1
      2)secondly enter 2 (custom rom)
      3)press 260
      4)press 8

      thats it….. it is a direct hboot

  • ASWIN22338

    Google Nexus One you are the “ULTIMATUM”.

  • Sjb006

    is it possible to get some more screen shoot? plzzzzz

  • anthony

    k guys help please i go into blackrose put my nexus ino usb debugging and it just sits there saying waiting for device whats wrong

    • hackedpotatoes

      try killing the adb server and rebooting the phone back into fastboot mode. Or you can kill the adb server and do adb reboot fastboot

  • Filippos Vasilakis

    Does the camera work ??

    • http://dreadpirate15.com/ dreadpirate15

      It does, but not great. Obviously, it’s an old camera and is a bit buggy trying to run the latest software.

  • Pam Partington

    Is it 4.12 or 4.1.2??!! I even saw 4.2 in the HTC One specs at http://www.bell.ca/Mobility/Products/HTC-One/Specifications.tab

    • http://dreadpirate15.com/ dreadpirate15

      It’s 4.1.2. I may need to revisit this in order to try getting 4.2 on it, but I’ve been mostly just using my Nexus 4 of late. 🙂

  • Octo

    to help anyone out there, I just took my HTC One (the android codename is passion) and pushed it from 2.3.6 to 4.2.2. it’s not hard, it just takes time. first things first,

    things you need:

    -computer with USB port and ADB drivers installed (link below)
    -rooted HTC passion (here’s how: http://tinyurl.com/qg9ul7j )
    -microUSB to USB cable
    -this tutorial

    things you want downloaded:

    -ADB and Fastboot drivers: http://www.mediafire.com/?bhxmn903d6cz9eg
    -Latest Blackrose download: blackrose_120421.zip
    (copy & paste if link doesn’t work)
    -Evervolv ROM: http://evervolv.com/get/r/Evervolv-Perdo-3.2.0p1-passion.zip (3.2.0 is the newest right now)
    -the Google Apps file (Gapps)

    my phone was having trouble with the Evervolv ROM and sending MMS, so i got AOKP ROM instead, and it works great now, along with coming with the NOVA Launcher prime for free.
    AOKP link: http://goo.im/devs/zyr3x/passion/aokp_passion_unofficial_20130405.zip

    things to know beforehand:

    -if your phone is in recovery, the command is adb [push/devices/etc]
    -if your phone is in bootloader (blackrose, white screen) the command is fastboot [flash/etc]
    -this will wipe your phone completely, use google to save all your contacts and calendar and stuff)
    -get the phone in bootloader/recovery first, AND THEN plug it into the computer.
    **if you plug into the computer while the phone is on, and type adb reboot-bootloader, you can avoid that)**
    -all the files you want to stick on your phone must be in the same directory as the ADB files (fastboot and adb)
    -‘USB debugging’ and ‘install from unknown sources’ are great things that help you a lot. make sure they’re turned on. (under menus: ‘security’ and ‘developer options’)


    0.5- If your phone isn’t rooted, do so now.

    1-unzip blackrose, right-click, run as Administrator. your phone should go into recovery by itself.

    2-inside blackrose, choose 1 (“apply stock/custom ROM”), enter, 2 (“custom Blackrose”), enter, resize, enter, and then tell it to do 260, enter, 8, and any name, enter. wait for it to boot, and you now have the partitions resized. 🙂
    2.5- **optional** download System: 260 Cache: 8 Userdata: 168, open command prompt, navigate to the ADB and fastboot files using the cd command
    (cd insertDirectoryYouWantToGoToHere, use dir if you can’t remember where it’s at)

    adb devices (should show your device)
    reboot-bootloader (reboots to bootloader)
    fastboot devices
    fastboot flash hboot hboot_jellybean_260-8-168.nb0 It may take a couple tries for it to work.
    fastboot reboot-bootloader

    3-this is the scary part. Get into command prompt (if you’re not there already) and navigate to the ADB files, and get your ‘passion’ into bootloader. (adb reboot-bootloader)

    fastboot erase system
    fastboot erase boot
    fastboot erase userdata
    fastboot erase cache

    4-once it’s finished (shouldn’t take more than a few seconds each), it’s time to move on to the recovery.

    fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-

    fastboot reboot-bootloader

    5-in blackrose, use the volume keys to choose ‘Bootloader’, (enter with trackball), it may check for the m5d sums, and then choose ‘Recovery’.

    6-this is where you will push all the files you want to the phone.
    again, make sure all the files are in the same folder as the ADB and fastboot, and then,

    adb devices (it’s always nice to make sure your phone is there)

    if you chose Evervolv:
    adb push /Evervolv-Perdo-3.2.0p1-passion.zip /sdcard (there is a space between zip and /sdcard. don’t forget it!)

    if you chose AOKP:
    adb push aokp_passion_unofficial_20130405.zip /sdcard

    you can rename the zips in the computer so they are easier to type.

    7-once those are through (i pushed them both, so I can change back and forth), push the Gapps file. this is specific to 4.2.2, and is the only one I found that works correctly, Google voice included.

    adb push gapps-jb-20130301-signed.zip /sdcard

    8-now pick up your phone. using the trackball/volume buttons to move up and down,
    choose ‘install zip from sdcard’,
    ‘choose zip from sdcard’,
    scroll to the ROM first ( it’s important that Gapps is last!) click it, and scroll down to install. click that as well.
    again, it may take a couple times of installing for it to work. (this is why i downloaded both. if one doesn’t work, try the other one).
    do the same thing for the Gapps file. now press the back button till you’re at the main screen, and choose ‘reboot system now’.

    9-go through the jellybean setup, and remember to go into settings/accounts and sync and sync all your contacts and stuff.

    **when you get to the home screen, it will ask you “launcher or NOVA launcher” if you chose AOKP. choose “always”, and then tap on nova.

    10- get into the google play store, and update the google search, or else the voice typing isnt going to work, and will constantly pop up and not let you do anything. 😛

    download Llama (free), or tasker(6 dollars, well worth it, i highly recommend it) and secure settings (free), naked browser (free, fastest browser I have used to this day), and Clean Master.
    in secure settings go to options/ Dev Admin Actions, and disable ‘lock screen widgets’ to get rid of the annoying camera widget that slows down everything. also, set all animations off.


    i have yet to find a way that allows you to extend the internal memory using a partitioned sdcard. Link2SD is an app that helps. clean master can do that too, as well as uninstall stock apps.

  • Limegreendefender

    Thanks for nice clear guide.

    I have also installed Mounts2SD and now have over 60 apps using only 3Mb of internal storage. Here are the additional steps I took for anyone interested.

    Partition & Format SD CARD

    I used “Mini Tool Partition Wizard Home Edition v7.8” from http://www.partitionwizard.com with a SanDisk SDSDQM-032G-B35 32GB Class 4 microSDHC Card from Amazon.

    – Partition 1: 24.39GB Primary FAT32

    – Partition 2: 3.65mb Primary Ext4

    – Partition 3: 1.4GB Primary Linux Swap

    If you are on 2nd+ attempt at installing Evervolv then format or wipe partitions to make sure no system stuff is left hanging around to upset things.

    Insert SD into phone.

    Follow the adb – fastboot – adb steps in guide

    Reboot with Evervolv ROM (don’t do gapps just yet)

    Download Mounts2SD from http://sourceforge.net/projects/mounts2sd/files/Mounts2SD-1.2.0.apk/download to PC and install to phone using

    adb install Mounts2SD-2.2.0.apk

    Open Mounts2SD app on phone. You will be prompted to configure Busybox and to install init.d script. Do so and reboot. Reopen Mounts2SD. Hopefully the status will be flagged green. If not check the log.

    You will probably see about 80MB of your precious 168.25 MB Internal data storage in use.

    Go to configure and set options 1 by 1 with a reboot between each change. An option is set when the black tick becomes a green tick.

    I now have the following:

    – ON: Applications, Data, Dalvik Cache, File System Check, SWAP Partition, Enable Debug

    – OFF: Reverersed Mount , EXT(3/4) Journal, Disable Safe-mode, Disable tmpfs cache and Disable cache folders

    – File System Type Ext4

    – Readahead 512kb

    By the end of all this you will see the internal memory will be about 2Mb 🙂

    You can now install gapps.

    I’ve not noticed any change in performance.

  • Noah L.

    Your device must be rooted for this to work, right?

  • shubham

    Flash your chosen HBOOT – I chose System: 260 Cache: 8 Userdata: 168.

    link not working pls help me out….if any one have that file pls send me thnaks

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