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iPod Nano Recall, Part II «

iPod Nano Recall, Part II

In our previous post about Apple's first-generation iPod Nano replacement program, we had the absurd idea to send in a couple of dead iPods to see what Apple would replace. One of them wasn't just dead though.

On the second, I replaced the screen, left the screws out, and then accidentally ran it through the wash! By the time it came out of the dryer, it was in several pieces and the logic board was oval shaped, and we used the whole front assembly to fix another iPod. The first iPod was just dead, and the second only needed to be run over by a car to look any worse.

Laughing the whole time, we sent them into Apple to see what would happen.

After about five weeks of waiting, two boxes showed up in the mail!










Both contained shiny refurbished 6th generation iPod Nanos










Apple willingly traded these...











...for two of these!










Alright Apple, we tested you, and you passed. Even though neither of the first-generation iPod Nanos that we sent you didn't deserve to be replaced, you went the extra mile and sent us new ones any way. There's a reason why your customers always come back for more.

So the question remains: did we hack Apple? It's hard to say whether their internal policy mandates the replacement of anything resembling an iPod with a serial number, or whether the iPods were even inspected at all. We'll probably won't be finding the answer to that question any time soon.

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  • enderboy13

    Ha-ha! I cant believe they actually replaced them! Enjoy the new 6th Gens!

    • http://www.isaiahjroberts.com/ Isaiah J Roberts (Izzy)

      Oh, you bet we are!

      • enderboy13

        Yeah! On a side note, the other dad I converted an xbox controller to a usb one…BWAHAHA!

        • enderboy13

          Oh phoo, I meant DAY not DAD.

          • Anonymous

            do a writeup on it and send it in, maybe we’ll start doing guest posts.

          • enderboy13

            Interesting Idea! I’ll have to pickup another so I can take some pictures of it…

  • Cid Vilas

    You rock! I completely forgot i had one of these in my big Box-O-Junk. Pulled it out and BLAM! Im eligible. 6th Gen, here i come! Will be sweet for workouts and runs! 🙂