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The Days of our {deployed geek} Lives «

The Days of our {deployed geek} Lives

It's rough being a geek in Iraq. Seriously, limited amounts of tech toys can be brought on such a journey. Obviously desktop systems are not the norm, nor would I drag my precious Olga to this sandy hot climate that would most likely harm her delicate insides. No, rather than my sleek black beauty I brought along some other staples...

Seen here is my laptop, Sheera, a Dell E6400 ATG (is nice) with a core2 T9600 2.8, 4gb ram and a 80gb ssd. Runs pretty good, considering the climate although the fan runs most of the time. Also visible is my Neoware thinclient named Neo. Neo has a 800mhz proc, 2gb ram and a 8gb usb drive. Neo is a huge fan of Arch and Blackbox, and happily sits around running whatever I want to wget at the time. Excellent choice for this trip. Under Neo and his monitor (found, left by the last unit) is a Cisco 2600 with a wic-2t serial adaptor, and a esw-16 16 port ethernet switch built in. If I can ever get around to my Asterisk server, this will come in handy.

I have a couple external hard disks, more thumb drives than I can keep track of and my special friends, Teh Slug and a Pineapple. So far, the pineapple has done a slight amount of packet dumping thanks to aircrack-ng being ported to open-wrt. Thanks to whoever did that! I'm waiting on some parts to build a cantenna with a pringles can to get a little more range. Interesting side note, most of the AP's I've sniffed have english ssid's
Teh Slug has not done much, as I've not had a power supply for some time. Thankfully @linuxstumbler sent me an epic care package with a couple variable psu's, and some other, ahem, goodies..

Hopefully shortly I'll have the Pineapple dumping packets to a hard disk attached to Teh Slug, and Teh Slug serving up some Asterisk goodness. Expect a post on that.

With the extra time I've had here, I have been able to develop some low level scripting goodness and am off and on teaching myself python. I've also been studying some Citrix goodness, more on that in a few months. Any good idea's on projects I can work on while I'm counting down the days here?


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    ULLS-A(E) X? 😀

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